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How do you get points? And discounts
- Register an account now, you will receive 500 points.
- Share on Facebook get 1,000 points.
- Click on Facebook to get 1,000 points.
- Share on Twitter Get 1,000 Points

- Push Track on Instagrame Get 1,000 Points
- Product Reviews, you will receive 1,000 points.
- Birthdays get free points, 2,000 points.
- Introduce your friend to receive 1,000. Buy discount 10% (minimum purchase 10,000 US)

What are the benefits?
- Every 100 points can be exchanged for 1 (not more than 100 US dollars).
- Every 25,000 points are redeemed for 5%
- Every 40,000 points are redeemed for 10%


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