3M 2078M

Dust collectors, metal and steam vapors are well diluted with dust.
As small as 0.3 Micron has used special technology produced from
Charged fiber To trap dust extra well. Suitable for grinding
Woodworking machine, long service life (P95 dust, oil mist)

- light weight
- Through industry-leading standards such as
America, Europe, Japan, Japan
- Compatible with various chemical filter cartridges.
It must be used in conjunction with the 3M 502 cover.
- P95 standard from America is a mask.
Prevents both oil and non-oil particles.
Effective filter no less than 95% and have
Extra long life
Can not compare with the European standard.
Because the tests are different.
- Prevents chemical vapors, mild acids such as vapors.
Of welding, etc. 
- This filter version applies to mask version. Double pipe mask
3M 6000 and 3M 7500 Twin Pipe Mask only

269.00 ฿

Product will be returned within 14 days. Product must not be used or unpacked. Please contact us before leaving.


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