3M 4540M

- T-shirt = Polypropylene is plastic, the water vapor through slightly.
Stronger than polyethylene Resistant to fat and heat.

- CE Europe
- EN Europe

- Suitable for jobs with dust and chemicals only.
- anti-light, anti-light, tear-resistant Prevent liquid permeability
- Prevent blood germs.
- anti-static
- Designed specifically for chemical and oil applications.

- Size M Height 167-176cm Waist 92-100cm
- Size L Height 174-181cm Waist 100-108cm
- Size XL Height 179-187cm Waist 108-115cm

209.00 ฿

Product will be returned within 14 days. Product must not be used or unpacked. Please contact us before leaving.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Depends on 1 review. Write a Review

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